Symphonic Band Solo Page

For Symphonic Band Members:

  1.  Work on your solo with the first recording (not piano only) so you know how it sounds with the piano.
  2. After you have gotten it really good with that, work with piano only.
  3. Do not procrastinate on this!
  4. Every recording starts with two measures of clicks.  If there are pickups, those beats will be subtracted from the two measures.  Make sure you know when you start!

Flute Solos:

  1. Gavotte:
    1. Gavotte:

      Gavotte Piano Only:

  2.  Bergamask
    1. Bergamask:  Solo and Piano
    2. Bergamask: Piano Only
  3. Minuet
    1.  Minuet:  Solo and Piano
    2.  Minuet:  Piano Only
  4. Serenade
    1.  Serenade:  Solo and Piano
    2.  Serenade:  Piano Only

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Solos:

  1. Sarabande and Bouree
    1. Sarabande:  Solo and Piano
    2. Sarabande:  Piano Only
    3. Bouree:  Solo and Piano
    4. Bouree:  Piano Only
    5. Sarabande and Bouree:  Solo and Piano
    6. Sarabande and Bouree:  Piano Only
  2. Patrol Russe
    1. Patrol Russe:  Solo and Piano
    2. Patrol Russe:  Piano Only
  3. Largo and Allegro Vivace
    1. Largo:  Solo and Piano
    2. Largo:  Piano Only
    3. Allegro Vivace:  Solo and Piano
    4. Allegro Vivace:  Piano Only
    5. Largo and Allegro Vivace:  Solo and Piano
    6. Largo and Allegro Vivace:  Piano Only
  4. Concert No. 8
    1. Concerto No. 8:  Solo and Piano
    2. Concerto No. 8:  Piano Only

Alto Sax Solos:

  1. At the Hearth
    1. At the Hearth:  Solo and Piano
    2. At the Hearth:  Piano Only
  2. Evening Waltz
    1. Evening Waltz:  Solo and Piano
    2. Evening Waltz:  Piano only
  3. Minuet
    1. Minuet:  Solo and Piano
    2. Minuet:  Piano Only
  4. Canzonetta and Giga
    1. Due to technical difficulties, the accompaniment for this piece is unavailable.  You will not be required to perform it with accompaniment for solo night.

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