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Note: We realize that this is not every instrument. Right now, we only have the Flute page up. The Rhythm and Tutorial videos are the same for all instruments, so you still should be able to use this page to help you. Some of the videos will not be the same as flutes, so we are working on all the other pages. Please bear with us. But we wanted to get these links to you as soon as possible.


LevelRhythmEtude Tutorial TutorialEtude Tutorial Demonstration
Bronze 1Bronze Rhythm 1Bronze Etude Tutorial 1Bronze Etude Demo 1
Bronze 2Bronze Rhythm 2Bronze Etude Tutorial 2Bronze Etude Demo 2
Bronze 3Bronze Rhythm 3Bronze Etude Tutorial 3Bronze Etude Demo 3
Bronze 4Bronze Rhythm 4Bronze Etude Tutorial 4Bronze Etude Demo 4
Bronze 5Bronze Rhythm 5Bronze Etude Tutorial 5Bronze Etude Demo 5
Bronze 6Bronze Rhythm 6Bronze Etude Tutorial 6Bronze Etude Demo 6
Bronze 7Bronze Rhythm 7Bronze Etude Tutorial 7Bronze Etude Demo 7
Bronze 8Bronze Rhythm 8Bronze Etude Tutorial 8Bronze Etude Demo 8
Silver 1Silver Rhythm 1Silver Etude Tutorial 1Silver Etude Demo 1
Silver 2Silver Rhythm 2Silver Etude Tutorial 2Silver Etude Demo 2
Silver 3Silver Rhythm 3Silver Etude Tutorial 3Silver Etude Demo 3
Silver 4Silver Rhythm 4Silver Etude Tutorial 4Silver Etude Demo 4
Silver 5Silver Rhythm 5Silver Etude Tutorial 5Silver Etude Demo 5
Silver 6Silver Rhythm 6Silver Etude Tutorial 6Silver Etude Demo 6
Silver 7Silver Rhythm 7Silver Etude Tutorial 7Silver Etude Demo 7
Silver 8Silver Rhythm 8Silver Etude Tutorial 8Silver Etude Demo 8
Gold 1Gold Rhythm 1Gold Etude Tutorial 1Gold Etude Demo 1
Gold 2Gold Rhythm 2Gold Etude Tutorial 2Gold Etude Demo 2
Gold 3Gold Rhythm 3Gold Etude Tutorial 3Gold Etude Demo 3
Gold 4Gold Rhythm 4Gold Etude Tutorial 4Gold Etude Demo 4
Gold 5Gold Rhythm 5Gold Etude Tutorial 5Gold Etude Demo 5
Gold 6Gold Rhythm 6Gold Etude Tutorial 6Gold Etude Demo 6
Gold 7Gold Rhythm 7Gold Etude Tutorial 7Gold Etude Demo 7
Gold 8Gold Rhythm 8Gold Etude Tutorial 8Gold Etude Demo 8
Platinum 1Platinum Rhythm 1Platinum Etude Tutorial 1Platinum Demo 1
Platinum 2Platinum Rhythm 2Platinum Etude Tutorial 2Platinum Demo 2
Platinum 3Platinum Rhythm 3Platinum Etude Tutorial 3Platinum Demo 3
Platinum 4Platinum Rhythm 4Platinum Etude Tutorial 4Platinum Demo 4
Platinum 5Platinum Rhythm 5Platinum Etude Tutorial 5Platinum Demo 5
Platinum 6Platinum Rhythm 6Platinum Etude Tutorial 6Platinum Demo 6
Platinum 7Platinum Rhythm 7Platinum Etude Tutorial 7Platinum Demo 7
Platinum 8Platinum Rhythm 8Platinum Etude Tutorial 8Platinum Demo 8