Jazz Band Audition Information

Thank you for your interest in the VHMS Jazz Band!  We are excited to possibly be offering two jazz bands this year!  See below for instructions on how to audition.

1.  Get the audition materials from Mr. Lemen (or download them at the bottom of this page).
2.  Practice them!  You can use the videos below to practice with if you like. 
3.  Record your audition and email it to Mr. Lemen. 
4.  If you want, you can schedule a live audition with Mr. Lemen.  However, you only get one chance to do it!
5.  Auditions are over on April 29th.


For the audition, you must do the following:

Rock Excerpt
Swing Excerpt
A-flat Major Scale (Concert Pitch)
B-flat Major Scale (Concert Pitch)


Listen to the recording with part first, then practice with it several times.  Once you have it down, you can record yourself playing with the “Background Only” part and email it to Mr. Lemen


Recording Backgrounds only


Backgrounds Only: