Trumpet Solo Page

Welcome to the Trumpet Solo Page! If you need copies of your solo, you can download them at this link:

Trumpet Solos

Once you have chosen a solo, you will need to begin practicing it with your piano accompaniment. There are two copies of each recording in the links below

  1. Trumpet Solo with Piano: This is a Trumpet playing your solo, so you can hear what it sounds like and how the solo goes with the piano part. Start on this one!
  2. Piano Part only: This is what you will use for your actual solo! Once you have #1 down perfectly, start practicing with this.
  3. Don’t be afraid to go back to #1 if you are confused on #2. Practice with the piano a lot!!


Remember, you must pick a solo from the group where you STARTED the year or harder. The more you practice, the more you are prepared, and the better you will do!